Painting on a pillowcase? Yes!!

Country Chic Paint is quite versatile. In fact, it can be used on many surfaces and in many crafts around the house. My first attempt at trying to paint a pillow didn't work out great. I used a reusible stencil, without adhesive and applied too much paint. This resulted in the design to be caked on and to bleed through. I just had to try again!

After discussing with colleagues, it was determined that I had in fact applied too much paint. This time, I was confident my pillow would be a piece added to my decor. I started by ironing the pillow case to make sure that it had a nice flat surface to work on. Then, I centered the stencil and taped it down. If you want to make one, be sure to use a color that will have some contrast to the pillow case. I chose the colors Bees Knees and Sage Advice from the Country Chic Paint Line. I thought they would look good on my blue pillowcase. It's always important to keep in mind that you want a contrasting color when applying these stencils over any project.

Next, I applied paint to my sponge and offloaded all the excess on the plate. I didn't want to repeat my first mistake. I proceeded to apply the paint in a dabbing motion, holding my stencil down where I was painting. I kept the paint on my sponge extremely minimal. After applying the first coat, I went over in a few areas that I thought might need to appear a little more and show less of the pillow case color. Once I was done, I pulled the stencil off and washed the stencil with wipes bring careful not to break it.

The final result had not bled and looks great. The pillow will need to cure about 48 hours before it can be washed.



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