We do Fundraising in Regina

For fundraisers, we offer a selection of the 12x12 signs and 18x6 signs.


The suggested price for an organization to charge for its fundraiser is $35. As of Jan 1, 2020, fundraisers will  be limited to Thursday evenings and Saturdays. If you are considering a fundraiser, please book ahead for best date availability.


The organization is responsible for finding and booking a suitable location for its fundraising event, including paying booking fees.  It is also responsible for collecting orders and money. We will provide the organizer with a pdf of the signs and an excel tracking sheet.


The completed tracking sheet must be submitted 10 days prior to allow enough preparation time for the event. For events with more than 50 orders, we require orders to be submitted 14 days prior to the event

**Please ensure that no orders are submitted through the website.**


Pricing is as follows:

12 x 12 signs are $20.95 Plus GST ($22)

18x6 signs are $20 Plus GST ($21)

$75 will be added to fundraisers with less than 25 orders.



Payment for the fundraiser will be accepted in cash, e-transfer or by cheque. Invoices and receipts can be issued.







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