Business Closing Message

When I attended my first sign party, I had no clue that I would become the proud owner of this small business, months down the road. An opportunity opened its doors and I took a chance. I was not looking for this opportunity, but it has given me so much.


As working mothers, many of you understand the daily challenges we face.  Add to that challenge, running a business. It has most certainly not been an easy feat. My husband and I embarked on a journey to create memories for many, to bring people together, and to help so many raise money for either sports groups, school groups, or groups with much-needed help in the community, such as the Regina Cat Rescue.  We have also helped raise money for a special neighbour of ours, which many of you supported, Theo.


As you all know, this new Corona Virus has changed the world. It has taken lives, taken our economy, taken so much away from our children, our livelihoods, and our minds.  If there is one thing that it has taught me, it's how much I needed this time to find myself again and to spend time with my family doing the most simple things in life like going for a walk together. Things that I was taking for granted.  Covid-19 has put more perspective in my life than I imagined.  With a child heading to university a year from now, spending time with her and getting her ready to spread her wings will be one of my new focuses.  A new job opportunity has also presented itself for me and it makes running a business and enjoying that precious family time so much more difficult. The past two years have taught me that I am not a superwoman. 


I am saddened to close the business, but happy to know that we have helped and been there for so many along our journey. It has been an amazing experience that has also allowed me to grow and get over my fears of public speaking. I have met many wonderful people along the way. A journey that will stay with me forever.


Just as it was completely new to me to become a business owner, the closing of a business will also be an opportunity to learn.  Over the next little while, we will be slowly liquidating our stock, supplies, and some equipment through the website, Facebook, and through a local buy and sell group.  Please be patient, not everything will be posted at once.  This will give me time to sort and liquidate items over some time so check back often.


Last but not least, we want to thank each and every one of you who has supported us through this journey.  By supporting local, you feed families, help kids play sports, or even go to university.  Thank you!


Be safe and stay healthy.  Enjoy the precious moments in life.

The Messiers

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